Professional and Affordable Heater Service in Roseville CA

Accutemp Mechanical is a professional HVAC company that has been servicing the Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln and Granite Bay area for the last few years. When it comes to air conditioning and heating units, we provide the best and most affordable installation, maintenance and repair options. We believe in providing 100% satisfaction guarantee on each and every project. So irrespective of whether you have a single heating unit in your home, or an entire office building full of heaters that need to be repaired trust Accutemp Mechanical to provide fast, efficient and reliable service.


Your heater is absolutely vital to keeping your home warm and comfortable in Winter. You should have it maintained every once in awhile to keep it clean and ensure that all parts are in good working order. Failure to do so could result in your heater eventually breaking down, not to mention manufacturer warranties being voided. However, in some cases, the heating system may just be too old and you may simply need to have it checked out. The technicians at Accutemp Mechanical are highly trained and have years of experience behind them. They are able to assess your heating unit and provide solutions to the problems.

In some cases, the unit might be repaired, but if it is just not practical or cost effective, our technicians will suggest replacement as a better option. They will advise you on what type of unit will work best for your home and will also do a great job of installing your heater for you. So whether you choose to give us a call or come to our offices, we are always ready to assist you with all your heating requirements. Hire Accutemp Mechanical and enjoy complete peace of mind when it comes to your home comfort.

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