How to improve the quality of the air in your home

The inside of your home shouldn’t be an extension of the elements.

Whether it’s cold out or the air quality is poor, the inside of your home should be a breath of fresh air.

Keep it that way by managing the air quality inside your home – which is not just about having the right air filter. Maintaining healthy and fresh air quality requires a multi-pronged approach.

Here are some ways to keep things fresh.

Better Air Filters

Yes, an air filter is important for air filtration inside your home. A simple upgrade may require simply swapping out the flimsy filter for something heftier. The better-quality filter should boost filtration and catch harmful air particles before making their way throughout your house.

Take Those Shoes Off

Encourage your family and guests to remove their shoes at the door.

By doing so, you can avoid tracking harmful substances that can lead to poor air quality. Outside chemicals, dust, pollen and the like can be halted prior to spreading throughout your home and circulating in the air.

Keep the Carpet and Upholstery Clean

Dirt and dust can also get embedded within your upholstery and carpeting. It’s a good idea to have your carpet professionally cleaned regularly to dispose of these pollutants and toxins that can live in the fibers. The air quality inside your home will improve by cleaning furniture, carpet, rugs, chairs and anything else comprised of fabric.

Regulate Humidity Levels

Keep the humidity levels inside your home in check. Dust mites and mold thrive in moisture, and keeping humidity levels at an ideal rate will help keep mites, mold and other allergens at bay.

A good dehumidifier for the winter will help decrease moisture inside your home, which will also help.

Freshen Up the Natural Way

Plug-in scents and candles can make the inside of your home smell like a bed of roses, or a Hawaiian breeze, but can also emit chemicals into the air. Some of these fragrances are made with petroleum products, which can be a health hazard.

Fragrance-free products, mild cleaners without artificial scents, aerosol-free sprays and eco-friendly cleaning ingredients are ideal products to utilize inside your house, which will help keep things fresh the natural way.

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