Heater Maintenance in Roseville, CA

Heater Maintenance in Roseville, CA and Surrounding Areas

Air conditioning and heating system are probably one of your major home investments. Although the system keeps you and your family comfortable throughout the year, it accounts for a significant percentage of your energy bills. Therefore, embracing a regular heating maintenance program is one of the surest tactics for acquiring the full value out of this expensive investment. Unmaintained heating equipment requires more energy to operate hence fuel bills increase by 10 to 15 percent.

Why you should service your heating equipment

According to experienced service contractors, approximately 75 percent of all repairs they carry out can be avoided if a regular maintenance program is embraced. You end up spending hundreds of dollars on a problem you could have prevented.

Improving home safety

A knowledgeable technician should inspect the heating system at least once or twice a year. The technician checks the fuel system and heat exchanger to ensure they are in the right condition. Small cracks in these systems can allow poisonous carbon monoxide gas to leak into your building. A trained service contractor understands how the system operates and can easily spot danger signs in it.

Prolonging lifespan

Routine heating maintenance is the best tactic for identifying defects in their initial stages and repairing them. The performance of the heating equipment is improved and its lifespan prolonged. For instance, cleaning the air filters and replacing defective ones enhances the performance of the system. Reliable service contractors will inform you that proper maintenance doubles the lifespan of the heating equipment.

Low energy bills

As the heating unit gets old, they begin to wear down, and their efficiency lowers. This translates into higher energy bills. However, with routine maintenance, the aging can be slowed down and energy bills significantly reduced. Apart from the maintenance services offered by technicians, you should strive to carry out simple preventive maintenance such as cleaning the filters.

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