AC Tune-Up in Roseville, CA

AC Tune-Up in Roseville, CA

When the weather is hot, air conditioning is not only a luxury, but for some people it’s a necessity. For people with allergies and health conditions worsened by becoming overheated, air conditioning can be a life saver. If you’re not sure when or if you should have an AC tuneup, then here are so tips for making this determination so you’ll always be comfortable:

How long since your last tune up?

HVAC professionals recommend that you have an AC tune-up at least once a year. This ensures that your system remains in tip-top condition so you’ll never have to contend with hot and humid weather without absolute comfort. If you know for a fact that you’ve never had a tuneup, or it’s been a while, then you should schedule one today.

Is your system experiencing malfunctions?

If you have been noticing problems with your AC, even if you’ve already had it tuned up, then you might want to call your contractor back out. You could be paying unnecessarily high energy bills due to a malfunctioning system, or your system could be close to malfunctioning completely. By having a professional come out and inspect your system at the first indication of an issue, you could possibly avoid a costly replacement or repair.

How do you know when your system is malfunctioning when it’s still working? Well, there are many clues that you can look for if you’re not sure. First of all, if you have noticed that your electric bill has been increasing, then you will want to find out why. It doesn’t have to be due to a malfunctioning AC, but it very well could. Another indication is a noisy AC. If your system seems to be noisier than usual, then you will definitely want to call out your contractor. Failing to adequately cool is another sign of a faulty system.

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